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Kelli ParisianWelcome Parisian's Pure Indulgence Organic Skin Care!

We are so glad you stopped by.  Please feel free to browse around our new Web Store and discover for yourself our comprehensive line of luxury timeless beauty treatments.  We offer an array of serums and moisturizers, body polishes and nail care.
Our goal is to enhance your health and wellness and inspire your natural beauty with our organic, toxin-free beauty solutions. Our innovative formulas are created with proven ingredients that deliver the results you desire.  Let us pamper you, indulge you, and help you to look fabulous from head to toe!

 - Kelli Parisian, Founder

Customer Reviews

From Karen B. - WA 
If I travel so does the Parasol Trio. It is just that simple. I have used this combination of Crème Fraiche facial cleanser, Tonique and Parasol SPF30 daytime moisturizer for many years at home and abroad. Nothing smells or feels clean like the cleanser and the Tonique gives my skin a little freshness.  I garden and need the protection  of Parasol. I am confident that I am taking the best care of my skin possible by using these PPI products.
From Ellen - CA

I've been using Elevant for a few weeks. Here's what I love about Elevant:
The ingredients, it's 75% organic. It's good for you, not full of harsh chemicals. Organic coconut, DMAE, Jojoba, seed and avocado oil. Those are the ingredients I want on my skin.

The texture, it has a just right feel, not to heavy but definitely a good weight that lasts through the night. I feel very moisturized but not greasy.

The packaging, 1.5 oz, in a very nice jar with pretty and clear labeling.

The founder of PPI. Kelli Parisian has poured her heart and soul into making her product line the best it can be. She's a woman of integrity and I feel confident that her creams are the highest quality.

I see results of treating my skin to this amazing night cream. My skin is looking better every day!

Kelli's Blog

Do you drink enough water? Tips for increasing your daily water intake.

December 06, 2016

There are many good reasons to drink water: It’s refreshing, and it helps your brain function, maintains energy levels, regulates body temperature,


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6 tips to soothe away your dry skin

November 29, 2016





Dry skin, eczema, sensitive skin, psoriasis, toxin free, organic, moisturizer, best for wrinklesAs temperatures drop, heaters clank on, winds whip up, and the battle for healthy skin begins. Hormonal changes wreak havoc on our skin. Dry Winter air reduces the thin layer of oil that provides moisture to the skin, flaring itchy and painful conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and severely dry skin.

6 tips to soothe away your dry skin:













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Which eye treatment is best for YOU!

November 14, 2016

Eye creams, gel, wrinkles, crows feet, dark circles, age spots, toxin free, organic, EWG verified, gentle eye cream, non irritating 

You know after a certain age, using an eye cream daily is a must, yet each of us has different needs. Are you allergy-prone and sensitive around the eye area like I am?  Do you want an eye cream that is both non-irritating and anti-aging? Do you suffer from under eye puffiness or dark circles and you're not sure what to use around your eyes? 

We want to help!


Parisian's Pure Indulgence has two eye treatments to choose from.  Luminous Eye Refining Creme and  Peptide Eye Gel Line Diminisher. So, which product is right for you? 

In today's blog, we'll look at the benefits from each of our treatments and make the choice easier for you.

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