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Nail Fitness and Shea Brulee

Nail Fitness Nail Hardener

Were you born with weak, whimpy nails? Or, perhaps you've recently removed hard gels or acrylics and your nails are seriously damaged!  We can help. Just read the reviews below.

We realize nail polish by nature is not "Natural" (and we're all about natural!), this nail hardener is so great for strengthening natural nails, we just had to include it in our line.

Nail Fitness promotes the growth and strength of natural nails with its unique formula of nail hardening proteins, including Keratin, Calcium, Gelatin, Wheat Protein and Soy Protein. Non-yellowing, and quick drying.

Disclaimer: We are a retailer for Nail Fitness, not the manufacturer.

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Day 1 - To clean nail surface apply 2 coats Nail Fitness. Colored nail polish may be worn over Nail Fitness. Apply 2 coats colored polish, follow with top coat.

Day 2 - Apply 1 coat Nail Fitness

Day 4 - Apply 1 coat Nail Fitness

Day 7 - Remove all polish. Apply nail & cuticle cream (preferably Shea Brûlée Cuticle cream)

Let cream sit on nails for 3 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Start again with Day 1 instructions to apply 2 coats Nail Fitness


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