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Reviewing best eyeliners for the over 50 eyelid

by Carolyn Sweeney May 23, 2017 2 Comments

Best eyeliner for over 50 review

When you find something you like and it works great, don't you want to tell others? Today, I'm reviewing two type eyeliners -- what I like and don't like about them, along with a not so pleasant shopping experience. The first is a felt tip type liner and the other a fine pencil/crayon type.


    1. Ulta Classic Felt Tip Liner - 

After a terrible customer experience at Ulta purchasing this liner--the staff did not know their merchandise, the store was a mess, I had to wait 10 minutes to get someone to help me--she dragged me around the store for another 10, only to be told she couldn't find the liner she wanted to show me,  I considered walking out.

I found the Ulta brand felt tip liner myself. 

While there are some great felt tip type eyeliners by Stila and Mac, my complaint is they don't last, and they're expensive!  Felt tip liners are great, especially for us over 50's, when skin gets a little crepey on the eyelid. This liner goes on easily, lasts all day, and comes off easily with gentle cleansing.

I prefer a felt tip type over a brush liner because they are firmer and go on exactly where you want them too. Because I wear individual eyelashes, I apply the eyeliner first, then apply lashes.  

You can spend $20-$25 for a liner by Stila or Mac...the Ulta was $9.00! 

Much to my surprise, this is the best liner I've ever used! It goes on easily, lasts all day, and after using it a month, it's still going strong! I will order in the future on

      2. Revlon Colorstay Eye Liner Crayon - 

After trying at least 10 different liner pencils over the years, I've finally found the one! 

It's strange that they call it a Crayon. When you hear crayon, don't you think of the large, well, crayon type pyou sharpen to reveal more crayon? The Colorstay is a twist type soft liner. 

Many times, the twist type either dry out quick (especially if you leave the cap off!), are hard to apply, or don't last. The worst problem is under-eye smearing. Have you ever applied your under-eye pencil--it looks great, and an hour later it's smeared under your eyes! Argh!

Not so with the goes on smooth and even and doesn't smudge unless you want it too.  It comes with a smudger on the opposite side of the tip. It also comes with a built-in sharpener, for a nice fine application.  First time I've seen it with a twist type liner. 

The Revlon Eye Liner Crayon can be found at Target or It was $9.99 and will probably last at least 6 months. I've had it 2 months so far. 

Personally, I use two products to line my eyes because the soft pencils are harder to apply to over 60 eyelids, and the felt tip liner is too definite a line under my eyes.

TIP: Consider switching from black to dark brown or charcoal eyeliners if you're over 50, and do it now if you're over 60, black is just too harsh looking, and ages us.

Do you have a favorite makeup you can't live without? 



Carolyn Sweeney
Carolyn Sweeney


2 Responses


July 01, 2017

I have always used Revlon Colorstay but not the crayon. I will have to try it. I will also also switch to charcoal or try out plum. I have always used black but I was told it “had to go” for it was too harsh. I look good in plum so maybe it will be great on my eyes…Thanks for the tips!


May 23, 2017

Plum is also a good color eyeliner for over 50’s , especially if you have hazel or green eyes. It’s subtle but still visible.

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